Meetup Time Gets You the Right Time, Every Time!

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    Have you ever missed a call from your loved ones because of the confusion in time difference? Or how about that time when you embarrassingly called someone at an ungodly hour because you miscalculated the time difference?
    Use Meetup Time to conveniently get the right time, every time!

    Features include:
    - Creation of groups *new*
    - Automatic location detection *new*
    - Creating an alert with push notification 5 minutes before Meetup Time *new*
    - Creating Facebook event to invite participants to Meetup Time *new*
    - Copying Meetup Time results to clipboard
    - Sending Meetup Time results via email
    - Exporting Meetup Time timings to iCal

    Available on the App Store here
    (Psst...! It's free tomorrow!)


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