Some voices from Touch Arcade:
"Overall I am loving the game. I think if you like the TD genre you shouldn't le…
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Some voices from Touch Arcade:
"Overall I am loving the game. I think if you like the TD genre you shouldn't let this one pass by without giving it a shot. It has alot of depth and options TD fans will enjoy."

This is a very challenging TD game.
Tower types, upgrading tree of towers, monster types, the data balance among them, and the level maps, all these elements are meticulously designed and tested, and make M.D. different from most TD games.
Are you tired of so many simple TD games? Or you wanna challenge where your gameplay limit is? Try M.D.!

In 2112, a war breaks out among species to fight for interstellar resources. The monster groups initiate an attack to the matrix system on our planet. As the chief commander, you are obliged to lead your army to build towers for defense. The monsters are very powerful so this will be the most challenging defense battle in history. You need to employ your strategy and make full use of the collaboration of different types of towers, before you might smash their invasion. So, join us and beat the monsters!

Newbies could start it here. It guides you how to play this great game step by step.

Finite play time. Take care of the monsters with halo. They can attack your towers in some way.

Infinite play time. It's very challenging to survive as long as possible. How long can you survive? Try to get high scores and share with your friends.

-The most strategically challenging TD game
-Very touch to master and get 3 stars!
-Unique design of towers, monsters and maps
-5 levels of boot camp, 20 levels of normal mode and 5 levels of hell mode
-Try to survive as long as possible in hell mode, share your amazing records in Game Center
-Some monsters have invisible armor, smash them using the right combination of towers
-Monsters with halo have special harmful effect on towers, beware of them!
-Detailed tower and monster description in tutorial page
-Universal, retina display
Release:Oct 04, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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