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    Maths sequence is generally used as a way of testing your IQ. Frankly speaking, we cannot say that the better you did in this game, the higher will be your IQ. However, this game can train your brain so as to increase your sensitivity to some well known sequence patterns.

    Maths Sequence is a fun educational game which tests:
    1. your sense on some common maths sequence patterns and their variations. For example: 2, 3, 5, 8, ?, ?, ?.
    2. your reaction time of tapping correct answers

    During the game, the faster you recognize the pattern and then calculate the correct answers, the higher the score you can get and the level you can reach.

    The game is very simple. A question will be presented each time. Four number of the sequences will be presented in each question. You have to tap three subsequent numbers (related to the sequence) in order within a certain time limit. The longer you can persist, the higher will be the difficulty (including time limit and varieties of sequences). Hence, the game is addictive and challenging, especially, when you would like to get a high score and compete with all other players in the world. Hope that all of you enjoy it, and can get improvements in maths knowledge.

    Maths does not have country border nor age border. You may not be able to beat a kid! Check out your ranking in Leaderboard!

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