Universal Math Mania - Make you mad!

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    Let's me introduce you Math Mania game, this is a product of Senspark co., ltd (the owner of Gold Miner, Shoot Dinosaur Eggs, Line 98 ).
    At first look Math Mania has good design and animation so cool. Math Mania is an easy game to play, all the things you do is select the correct answer ( +, -, x, : ). Everybody can do math or maybe you are the master in calculation, but if play with a seri of math question and you only have 2s to show the answer -> that problem! Let challenge yourself, training your brain right now!
    I have some tips for this game:
    - Try to fast for make the correct answer, you will get more score (x2 or can be x3 point)
    - If the result is so big, just select x.
    - If all the numbers is nearly, let think about + or - first.
    - I have a clue, when I play this game I also speak-out the selection. Because sometime you can confused. (anyway, you can try another).

    I have a clip: http://youtu.be/bt8tjc3nZ0g

    Math Mania has on:
    - iOS: www.senspark.com/url/mmi
    - Android: www.senspark.com/url/mma
    - WP: www.senspark.com/url/mmw
    -> let challenge with Mr. Albert Einstein.

    Sorry hyperlink tool of TOUCH ARCADE not woking.

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