Matching Game Memory Pairs - Match Pairs for short.

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    Match Pairs keeps your kids entertained while sharpening their minds and memory. As an added bonus you can also enable it to teach the names of the animals in the game.

    Match Pairs was designed to be kid friendly while still providing variety in levels and game play. The menu button can easily be disabled for younger users.
    - 14 super adorable baby animals
    - Unique baby animal sounds
    - Develop memory
    - Improve hand eye co-ordination
    - Fun for kids and even the adults

    Animals and sounds included:
    Giraffe, Monkey, Zebra, Lion, Tiger, Lynx, Cat, Dog, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Elephant, Koala, Horse, Moose

    What do they sound like?

    Note: Sounds are authentic recordings of animals they have been slightly edited for length, volume and game play.

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