MATCHDAY – Football Manager

It's your team. You're the one who discovered the youngsters on the transfer market, you're the one who trained them, ho…
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It's your team. You're the one who discovered the youngsters on the transfer market, you're the one who trained them, honed them, moulded them into a team. Now it's time to step up to the challenge, devise the perfect game plan and put your squad to the test against other managers in daily fixtures!

You, your tactics and the ticker
Football is a daily saga full of tragedies and triumphs. The live commentary ticker, Matchday's beating heart, tells you these stories as the game unfolds. Just like a real manager you can scream your lads to victory from the sidelines, actively changing the course of play with numerous commands – just make sure you don't leave the technical area!

Everything at your fingertips: designed for victory
Management doesn't need to be boring! Matchday delivers up the figures, statistics and tables in a clear, appealing and easy-to-read form. This way you can keep your eyes on more than just the ball, and make crucial decisions even faster.

Play against the football world
Place the winning bid on the transfer market, scout out opposing teams and beat cunning managers from around the world in your quest to gain promotion into the top flight. Using the optionally available licensing packs you can even kit out your team with real-life top club strips, or bolster your squad with their star players!

The manager's weapon: the smartphone
In this world of top class managers, everything from squad lineups, the transfer market, statistics and financial figures are just a tap away. All you need is an internet connection and you can play anywhere: on your sofa, in the café, or even on your way to work. Simply download Matchday for your tablet or smartphone and start playing, absolutely free!

Everything is in your hand: buy, sell and train your players, design your club and lead your boys to the title!

Show your smarts and use your manager's cunning to beat the other coaches and their teams. The best thing of all? In this game, every day is Matchday!

Matchday – 100% Football
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