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    [Embark on an adventure to the red planet and become the ultimate Martian Master]

    Mars Drive is the ultimate driving and resource-collecting game for mobile! Take control of your own rover and traverse the rugged terrain of Mars, collecting valuable materials like coins and regoliths along the way. Trade resources for coins and use them to build and expand your settlements on the Martian surface. Mars Drive offers an unforgettable experience of exploring and colonizing the final frontier.

    ➡️Drive your rover and explore the vast and breathtaking Martian landscape
    ➡️Collect a variety of valuable resources to trade for coins and unlock new upgrades
    ➡️Build and upgrade your settlements with different structures
    ➡️Unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game
    ➡️Enjoy stunning graphics

    Download Mars Drive now and prove your mastery of the red planet!


    image_build_your_mars_base_2.jpg image_explore_mars_2.jpg image_gather_resources_2.jpg image_scan_mars_stones_2.jpg image_trade_2.jpg image_unlock_and_upgrade_vehicles_2.jpg image_unlock_mystery_box_2.jpg

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