Marine Sharpshooter fans -- looking for feedback for next gen

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    As you may be aware, we (XMG Studio) brought Marine Sharpshooter into the XMG game portfolio earlier this year. Since we have working on the game we have brought out a couple of new missions, but now we are starting to think ahead to the next version of the game.

    As we begin the game design process, we wanted to get some feedback on what it is that you like about the current game, what you would change, what drives you batty, what you would love to see in this game etc.

    We will be taking all of the feedback into consideration for the next version of the game. And to say thanks for taking the time to give feedback, anyone who provides feedback will be entered into a random draw for an iTunes gift card. I'll be giving away promo codes for some of our other games as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Patti @ XMG Studio

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