Making a simple, polished game in 2 weeks.

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by chenpo, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. chenpo

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    Hi Guys,

    Thought I'd share the latest mini project I'm working on.

    Last month, I decided to set myself a goal to make a small, polished mini game in two weeks which ended up being a very fun and educational experience.

    I've decided to do it again (before I start on a major project that I'm very excited about).

    Basically, the game is about monster couples, at some meetup venue. The monster couples have decided to wear matching colours so they can easily find each other at the venue. What you need to do is guide the monsters to each other, but don't let the wrong coloured monsters run into each other, or there will be trouble!

    I've blogged about this new game I'm working on here:

    Will post updates on this thread as well.

    If all goes well, I'll have it submitted in two weeks, wish me luck :)
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    Mar 14, 2012
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    Your game looks great, good luck with it.
  3. chenpo

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  4. chenpo

    chenpo Active Member

  5. schplurg

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    Excellent idea! There's no sense in releasing it unfinished just to make a point (and add to the App Store's clutter) :) I've been wondering what would happen after the two week period - I've been silently following this thread. Glad you made this decision! In fact, I'll buy your game when it's complete based solely on this!

    Can you post some screenshots here? I can't sort out your blog page or whatever and find any. My fault, I'm sure, my attention span is near zero today ;)
  6. chenpo

    chenpo Active Member

    Cheers schplurg!

    I had so many ideas pop up in my head for this game during the two weeks that I really started to feel it deserved a lot more effort than what I had initially planned for it.

    I was a bit lazy in my blog posts with screenshots, here are a few: (which I've also added to my latest blog post as well)



  7. chenpo

    chenpo Active Member

    Hi Guys!

    It's been a few months since I decided to continue developing on this 2 week project, and am now just putting in some final touches and polish.

    I'm looking to submit early January, for a late January release date. In time for valentines day :)

    Anyway I've started a thread on the "Upcoming iPhone and iPod touch Games" forum. I've posted a cute stop-motion trailer (which I had a lot of fun making) and some screenshots there:

    Check it out :)


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