"It’s a cute little game that takes a simple gameplay concept and executes it well." - IGN, 8.0/10

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"It’s a cute little game that takes a simple gameplay concept and executes it well." - IGN, 8.0/10

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Magnetix is a simple and addictive puzzle/arcade game of attraction. Enemies become attracted to you as you enter their field. The smaller they are, the greater the magnetic pull. Use the point and drag mechanism to weave your way through 70 levels of increasing difficulty, starting from basic, all the way through to downright insane!

Magnetix é um simples e viciante jogo de puzzles / arcade da atração. Os inimigos tornam-se atraídos por você quando você entra no seu campo. Quanto mais pequenos forem, maior o impulso magnético. Use o ponto e arraste o mecanismo para tecer o seu caminho através de 70 níveis de dificuldade crescente, começando do básico e desenvolvendo um caminho absolutamente louco!

divertido, quebra-cabeças, simples, viciante, ímã, atrair, repelir

‘C’est un chouette petit jeu qui prend un concept simple et l’améliore efficacement.’ - IGN 8.0/10

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Magnetix est une version simple et addictive du jeu d’attraction. Les ennemis deviennent attirés vers vous lorsque vous entrez dans leur alentours. Plus ils sont petits, plus l'attraction magnétique augmente. Utilisez le mécanisme de ‘pointe et glisse’ pour serpenter votre chemin à travers 70 niveaux de difficulté croissante, en partant du niveau simple jusqu’au niveau carrément cinglé.

Magnetix 是一款关于磁铁吸引的简单而有趣的谜题/街机游戏。 当您进入敌人的磁场时,就会被磁场吸引。 敌人越小,磁力就越大。 使用指点和拖拽动作,来不断通过 70 个不断升高的级别。最开始的级别为基本级,然后逐步升级到极致疯狂级!



Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Apr 25, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal