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    Hey guys,

    I'm super excited to announce the release of my first ever game! Magma Monsters is out now for iOS.

    iTunes link:

    Ever dream about becoming a legend of badassery? Saving the world? Destroying Kingdoms and overthrowing a vicious Queen? Neither did I. Regardless you have the opportunity to be a badass shaman. Fight never ending waves of enemies, acquire new masks with greater powers and above all else, try not to disgrace yourself by dying.

    promo trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo9lznCDr90

    - Uninterrupted fun.
    - Free to play
    - Infinite gameplay
    - Easy to use, Difficult to master mechanics.
    - Game Center integration.
    - Unlimited shaman goodness
    - 18 Different shaman masks with custom traits.

    Any questions / feedback will always be welcome!

    Thanks guys!

    Facebook: https://facebook.com/MagmaMonsters
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/s__mitchell
    Website: http://magmamonstersgame.com

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