keizo morishige
■ High-speed Battles via Simple Puzzles Increase your damage by matching 3 in a row. At first, the battles are simple. …
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■ High-speed Battles via Simple Puzzles Increase your damage by matching 3 in a row. At first, the battles are simple. Gradually, depending on the color, matching will activate various effects for a more exhilarating time. In addition, you can save colors to perform magical attacks, or change a disadvantageous situation by shuffling. These puzzles are speed battles with no waiting time. ■ Multiple Ways to Power Up Get stronger by equipping weapons, armor, and accessories, all with unique features. If your stats are too low, you will not be able to defeat strong monsters. There is also a limit to the amount of magic you can use. Change jobs, allocate gifts, and enjoy your own path to more power. ■ Stages Conquer various stages including rainy areas that hinder your movement and caves that require light sources. As you progress through the stages, you'll find grand rewards and discover new areas. ■ Story A world full of circumstances. Set out on an adventure as you gain allies with their own secrets. At first, your goal is to defeat a being known as the Demon King. Gradually, more and more mysteries will emerge.You'll meet unsettling people and learn about the true appearance of the world. ■ Home System Once you have some extra spending money, buy a home. You can get various benefits by purchasing furniture. Purchase a summoning stand to call forth servants that can aid you in battle. ■ Choose Your Skills Insert skill pieces into the skill board Activate your favorite combination of skills. There are various board shapes, so it is up to you to decide which combination to equip. ■ Numerous Facilities In addition to the item shop and equipment shop, there are many facilities including a pawnshop, extraction shop, lottery shop, step count shop, fish exchange shop, and arena. You can get rewards by purchasing or exchanging items. ■ A Variety of Tools Many tools will become available on your journey: torches to light your path, items to start a stage partway through, hints to read, new gifts, a compendium where you can see enemy item drops, and much more. Eating the ingredients from enemies may have a surprising effect.
Seller:keizo morishige
Genre:Puzzle, Role Playing
Release:Nov 10, 2019
Updated:Jun 03, 2020
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