Magical Bedtime Audio Stories for Kids!

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    Oct 8, 2020
    We know how it is hard sometimes to put a child to sleep. Therefore, with the help of child psychologists and sleep consultants, we have developed our unique method. You only turn on our audio stories for your child before bed. The female speaker’s fascinating voice, monotonous relaxing background music, and easy to understand texts will do their work. We assure you that your child will go into a deep sleep! We love what we do, so we create exclusively unique and quality content. The number of stories in the audio library is increasing continually!

    The advantages of our method:

    - the stories are written and read out aloud by professionals

    - optimal duration of each story

    - no complex dialogues

    - meditative background music

    We create ultimate user-friendly and simple apps and do not overload the interface with unnecessary features. You only need to start playing the first audio story, and the app will do the rest of your job.

    The advantages of the app:

    - unique content only

    - intuitive interface

    - nothing extra

    - no advertisements

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