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    Magic Wingdom is out now!

    Deluxe Version link ($0,99) :
    Magic Wingdom Deluxe

    Free version link :
    Magic Wingdom

    What's the difference between Free and Deluxe ?
    Both versions contain the same content. Free version is supported with
    ads, but it has optional "Go Deluxe" IAP to remove ads and upgrade bonus scoring to match Deluxe version. Both games also have some other optional IAPs, but the game can be completed with out any IAPs! In fact the game progression depends a LOT of your skills in main gameplay, so many players will complete the game with out any IAPs faster than some players using them! :)

    Game Description
    A unique combination of action and puzzle, Magic Wingdom is carefully crafted to win over your heart and become your next gaming obsession!

    Make incredible combos, sort out desperate collisions, make the most out of amazing powerups and master this little gem of a game!

    Be rewarded for your gaming skills! Earn coins, rubies and emeralds, gain experience points, complete quests, unlock achievements, and ...

    And even take care of your own Magic Bird Farm with 4 yards to unlock, 20 adorable birds to raise and countless decorations, plants, toys and comfort items for your pets!



  2. caltab

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    Feb 11, 2010
    I'm surprised no ones commented on this one- stoneloops is one of the best marble shooters out there. This game is pretty fun, it's more of a line drawing game than a match three. It reminds me a lot of super 7s. The game has coin iAP purchases . I am not sure how important they are yet cause I haven't played enough. Coins are used to progress and get bonuses to increase your score. You have a farm and buy things with the coins and if you buy certain combinations of things you get score bonuses in game. I am not sure what the difference is between the free version vs. deluxe, I haven't tried the free one.
  3. psj3809

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Hmm must admit this one hasnt grabbed me, plus talking about a 'farm' makes me (shudder) think of Farmville! The actual gameplay might be okay but an app where i also have to take care of a 'magic bird farm', think i'll pass
  4. PlayCreek

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    May 12, 2009
    >>Hmm must admit this one hasnt grabbed me, plus talking about a 'farm' makes me (shudder) think of Farmville!
    >> The actual gameplay might be okay but an app where i also have to take care of a 'magic bird farm', think i'll
    >> pass

    It's far from Farmville actually :)

    It depends on how to look at things, but to be less scared, you may consider the whole 'magic bird farm' part of the game as a Gifts Area where you buy things if you play good enough :)
  5. metalcasket

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    May 24, 2010
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    If anyone questions how well PlayCreek handles any game related to marbles, they need to be shot. This is an instant classic, as far as I'm concerned. Really, really simple, fun and...get this...unique.
  6. New England Gamer

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    Jul 30, 2009
    If anyone played the game Collision Effect they will be familiar with these mechanics. But this game brings it to a whole different level. There are coins and bonuses awarded for a larger match and a really reactive matching mechanic in the line drawing. You can also stop a marble in its tracks if you figure out you are headed for trouble.

    The Bird Farm is more like the Kitten Sanctuary in that game. You get in game coins to spend on decorations and things for the yards. You get bonuses by building a better yard.

    As you level up in the game you also get bonuses which earn you extra lives, or more coins as bonuses, etc.

    I got the deluxe version vs the free version and it seems you get a 20 coin bonus the first 15 games you play. So it turns out to be the exact same as what the IAP in the free game is. I didn't play the free but noticed the name of the IAP and just am making the assumption.

    Things get really hectic quickly so you really have to be on your toes to make sure the marbles (eggs) don't crack! And for my randomization loving pals - yes the game is totally random! I don't check the leader boards though so can't comment on how elaborate they may be, however noticed there is one via Game Center.

    Everyone at least owes it to themselves to try the free version! Gonna recommend that with a disclaimer though since I don't know if there are any more differences than the automatic coins you get in the deluxe version!
  7. drloony

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    Jul 19, 2012
    Wow this board is pretty dead but I guess there's really no investment since the game is free!! Better then most games that cost $$, deffinate must play
  8. BazookaTime

    BazookaTime Well-Known Member

    Very cool game, play mechanics are perfect.
  9. PlayCreek

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    May 12, 2009
    Thanks a lot! We spent months to polish the main gameplay :)
  10. ducksFANjason

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    Jun 28, 2012
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    Do you mind clarifying some things? I'm trying to unlock mini-quest 7 from farm 1 but there are no birds left to buy... I have no clue what the requirements are to unlock it. Is it all meant to be just "buy items and hope you unlock a mini-quest" or am I missing something?

    Also, there are stars under each farm, how do those get achieved? I have six mini-quests complete and not 1 star yet so I'm assuming it has nothing to do with that...

    Great game though, lots of fun! Makes me wish I had purchased Stoneloops before it was pulled...
  11. PlayCreek

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    May 12, 2009

    Yes, mini-quests require a bit of luck - they don't always require to buy a bird (although usually they do!). So this may be an item from another category. Good thing though - as you buy that item - you don't need to guess the second one.

    The stars are achieved in the following way: as you buy items in each category (Birds, Plants, Comfort, Decor) you fill corresponding progress bars (on the top of UI). As you feel EACH bar 100% you get a star.
    To get the 2nd and 3rd star on the Yard you will need to fill those bars 2 more times (they will drop to 0% when you get a star) by buying more birds and items.

    Really glad you like the game so far!
    Make sure to leave a good review on the App Store! :)
  12. tangerine

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    I did not think I would enjoy this game but, since I love Stoneloops of Jurassica and have it on my Mac and it's still on my iPod, I got the deluxe version to just try it. I wasn't going to even look at the farming part.

    Now that I've played a bit, I can give my thoroughly biased opinion. It's wonderful! The game is fun and mildly frustrating but I keep going back to it time and time again. Fortunately, I'm getting better. The gameplay is very smooth, too.

    I did look at the farming game and I am totally hooked. The birds are adorable and I find that I am becoming quite attached to them..... sad, I know.

    All in all, it's a great game and, since it's free and you can do without the IAP purchases, everyone should try it out. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

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