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    Hi everyone!
    I'm really excited to share with everyone this super fun and addictive puzzle app game. Magic Match is an exciting and stunning original free to play puzzle game for iOS and Android inspired by 2048, Tetris and Candy Crush.

    Sign Up for the BETA down below and receive EXCLUSIVE cosmetics and benefits when the game launches!!!

    Magic Match is a free to play block and grid puzzle game developed by Weasel Warrior Studios, an indie company founded by Steven Baronti and Anna Vanderpool. The game was a passion project that we started developing while still in college. Magic Match features a 5x5 grid game board in which a player has to combine power blocks and destroy corrupt magic blocks.

    The goal of the game is to last long enough to level your power blocks from level 1 (starting level) to level 10. Once at level 10, the block will explode with magical energy destroying all the corrupt blocks on the grid. In addition to the gameplay, there is also an in depth progression system. This includes an achievements page that will allow you to earn cosmetics and in game currency, a leaderboard with your top five scores, and a cosmetics store to spend the in game currency you earn.

    The store features our five cosmetics: Badges, which can also be earned through achievements and are displayed on your profile page. Themes which will drastically change the visuals of all the menus. Runes which change the look of the power blocks and corrupt blocks in game. Wallpapers that change the background of your profile. Lastly, there are additional soundtracks for both the main menus and in game. All store items can be purchased by simply paying, and in app purchases are 100% optional.

    In order to be able to show your friends what you have unlocked and your highscores, there is also a profile page. The page will feature 5 display cases for your badges and 3 pages of stats so you can show off to your friends. We believe that between the fun gameplay, unique progression, and the ability to share your progress with your friends, that people will hopefully enjoy playing Magic Match as much as we enjoyed making it.


    The game will be launching JULY 28th, and we would love to know what you think!

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