Magic Guqin$2.99 to FREE for a limited time!!!

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  1. 【Magic Guqin】$2.99 to FREE
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    Magic Guqin, designed by MEET Studio, as the second product of Magic Series is available on iTunes. It will go FREE only for a limited time!!! That’s really cool! What’re you still waiting for? Just download it!




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  2. Magic Guqin got the 19th or Free App in the music field!!!

  3. A comment would be much appreciated!! Thanks a lot!!:p
  4. Magic Guqin is a special music app about traditional Chinese music and its instruments. You can experience magical, miracle and full of imagination music with Guqin app.

    Magic Guqin brings you Chinese ancient culture. It music is very sweet and agreeable. You will feel that you are traveling around the wonderland. This app has two modes. One is guqin mode and one is magic mode. In guqin mode, you can easily play numerous melodious songs by gently touch the petals. It is very beautiful and romantic. But i refer its magic mode, because i can experience the authentic Chinese miraculous performance combine with Chinese painting. I just feel i'm in another world. I like its special and attractive wash painting effect.

    In Magic Guqin, you can set up several examples of traditional Chinese music. Don't worry about its operate. It is not difficult. Just follow the instructions. This app can teach you playing well-known tunes step by step. It still give you Chinese painting style. I like its profound Chinese culture.

    So before you go to China, you can download this app first to understand Chinese culture. Of course, if you are a music fans, this app you can't miss.

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