Magic and Machines

Little Bear Studios
Journey into the world of Magic and Machines with six unique party members on a quest to uncover the mystery behind a de…
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Journey into the world of Magic and Machines with six unique party members on a quest to uncover the mystery behind a decaying world. Discover new areas, find the legendary items, solve puzzles to unlock secret buffs, and master the turn-based battle system with its Overload mechanic. It's perfect for players who grew up with turn-based RPGs and are looking for a new adventure, and also accessible for new players as it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Inspired by games such as Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, and Octopath Traveler, the game is a nod to those influences of the past and present. The game simplifies many RPG elements such as progression or equipment setups. There’s enough mechanics so players will strategize but not enough that they’ll need to reference a wiki to optimize. It’s also quite easy to pick up and put down and is perfect in short bursts or a longer sit down. "I wanted to create a game that would appeal to fans of nostalgic turn-based RPGs that may have busy lives, but also could be picked up by someone who's new to the genre.” Story In a small quiet town a little accident leads to a dramatic chain of events. Years later, monsters run rampant, the world is slowly eroding, and the Sacred Stones are disappearing one by one. Initially, two childhood friends journey out of their small town to find a missing colony, but they uncover an even larger crisis as they cross paths with a colorful cast of characters. Form your party of three from six characters, explore and discover secrets, uncover hidden bosses and their legendary items, and use strategy to defeat your foes. Combat Turn-based battle system with an Overload mechanic. This mechanic lets you supercharge a move after you've used it twice. It can make attacks stronger, effects last a turn longer, and heals surpass your max health. Sometimes you may want to save it and sometimes you may want to use it right away. Explore Some characters can alter the terrain of the world with their elemental abilities. Use their powers to find new areas and solve puzzles. You never know what you'll find! Party Blaer - Fire adept that's good all around. Zmrzlina - Ice mage with strong magic. Alda - Water mage with the best heals. Toka - Earth adept that bolsters defenses. Mphepo - Air adept that's the fastest. Dian - Plasma mage that's an offensive powerhouse.
Seller:Little Bear Studios
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Jun 09, 2023
Updated:Jul 24, 2023
Size:309.0 MB
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