MADFINGER Games is looking for talented indie teams

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    Apr 27, 2009
    Brno, Czech Rep.

    We are indie team working two years in the iOS business. Through these years we grow from unknown team to respected game studio. The most valuable thing is our good contacts with Apple and journalists.

    Because we know how its difficult to release game and make some money, we would like to help others with publishing their work. We could offer more then just take some money from you.

    • We can help you with polishing game (our art is one of the best seen on iOS device)
    • We can help you with sounds or music (we have inside music composer)
    • Beta testing
    • We will pay for marketing, press releases ,etc
    • We can help you with creating trailers, screenshots, etc

    If you have talented team or you are talented developer, contact us and we can share more details.

    Best regards

    Marek R.

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