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To celeberate the game is recommended on “What we’re playing”, we invite you all to participate in the game development!…
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To celeberate the game is recommended on “What we’re playing”, we invite you all to participate in the game development!
let’s think about how to make 《Mad Office》more interesting. You just share your good ideas which make the game more fun. Please submit your ideas on your facebook/blog, sent your link to our Facebook or If your suggestion adopted, your name will be shown on the honour rank in the game!
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Game Description – Mad Office
★ ★ Hilarious scenarios to exhibit your techniques…
★ ★ Nostalgic sympathetic daily office situations…
★ ★ His sharp eyes behind the mysterious glasses are watching for the proper moment for action…

This is fun and extraordinary game that will definitely make you feel nostalgic and sympathetic about your experience working in an office.

The mega shopping center right across the street from your office is having a huge sale before 5 PM and everything is at an unbelievable 99% off. This news comes as such music to the ears of everyone in the office, yet the sale only happens during work hours, and all the whole office can do is watching all the satisfied customers walk in and out of the mall from their cubicles. The unanimous decision of ditching work and going shopping was reached amongst the employees as the temptation of the alluring 99% off poster got the better of them. One by one, they sneak across the boss’s office unnoticed as he’s completely absorbed in his work and scrutinizing over some documents. This is the only way to satiate their hunger for their desired goods at such unbeatable prices. Get ready for action!

-Beautiful background mapping.
-Smooth character design.
-Funny story about office.
-Easy and versatile gameplay.
-Simple controls

How to play:
Touch and hold the Button “GO” as the character slowly slips out of the office. With a flash of glasses, although the boss is concentrated on his work, he’ll suddenly turn around from his desk to peek out at the office. And based on the movements of the boss, players will have to release their fingers on the touch screen or else the boss will admonish the characters and force them back to work. Holding for long and quick reflexes are a must and the game will reward the player who successfully performs combos, and with greater risks, more points can be earned. There is only once chance to reach the goal, and the moment the boss realizes what the employees are doing, the game will end.
Genre:Family, Trivia
Release:Oct 09, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal