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Mad Maze Office gives you the best attributes of Bombman and Maze, together in one very fun package! Run from the boss, …
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Mad Maze Office gives you the best attributes of Bombman and Maze, together in one very fun package! Run from the boss, bomb those hilarious co-workers, pick up items that’ll help you in your plight to find the exit and escape overtime hours. There are 50 challenging levels in this game, including the formidable Dark Scene. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Very Fun!
“This game is really fun and funny, too! It would be even better with a joystick/pad type control. But that’s my only criticism – this is still an excellent game and I’m really glad I bought it!” 
- Tullyfan

Oh, oh! It’s five o’clock and just as you’re starting for the door, your boss singles you out to work overtime…again! Well, you’re not going to take it anymore, you have plans for tonight.

Fed up, you take off running, heading for the exit. But where is it? The sound of footsteps hurriedly approaching from behind reminds you that your boss and his posse of your co-workers are in hot pursuit. They plan on dragging you back to work. Ha! They’ll have to catch you first.

Thankfully, you have an arsenal of bombs to help you keep those nasty co-workers away, but you still have to figure out how to get through the office maze to freedom.

Hmm, it could be tricky watching over your shoulder and throwing bombs while calculating your best route of escape. It could be worse though. You could be in the Dark Scene and have to try all of this without the benefit of being able to see very far.

Mad Maze Office, also known as MMO, provides you with the ultimate gaming challenge, by offering a combination of traditional Bombman style gameplay and daring Maze format. You are going to need to hone your strategizing and memory skills for this one!

Try not to worry too much though because the game offers you some help. As you go along, there are surprises in store. Find and pick up items that are powerups for your journey through the maze and for fighting off those who are coming after you. What kind of items? We can’t say or they wouldn’t be surprises, would they.

We can tell you that you are going to love the characters in MMO. They are hilarious portrayals of your imagined co-workers and boss. Even if you don’t find the exit door, you’ll have a good laugh at the fictional people running around in the game.

MMO is tons of fun, even for beginners. The controls operate smoothly and you’ll likely improve with every game.

There are 50 stages to test your skills but keep practicing and you may even make it through the most challenging levels of all - the Dark Scene. Play each stage twice – once in full light, once in darkness. Your memory had better be good if you’re going to pull off a win in the dark!

Look at the features you’ll get when you download Mad Maze Office:
* Hilarious game characters
* Bombman concept combined with finding your way out of the maze
* 50 challenging levels of gameplay
* Pick up empowering items as you go
* Smooth as silk game control
* Easy to play, even for beginners
* Tons of surprises!
* More funny and popular elements added often with frequent updates

MMO may just be the best game you play all year. It’ll certainly be one that you remember as being loads of good gaming fun mixed with interesting challenge.

Download Mad Maze Office now and see if you can outwit and outrun your boss, while having the time of your life.

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