Mad as a wet hen

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    Apr 17, 2016
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    Hello I am new to this game but love it. BowlingKing
    But I am mad as hell when I am winning the game today and bowling against a guy named Paul in the 2,500,000. In the 10th frame I had it won when he had a 7 8 10 split and he knocked 7 and 8 down leaving the 10 standing as clear as the day is sunny which would have been an open but alas it gave him a spare and then he threw a strike and I lost losing my chips. Somebody needs to get the kinks ironed out in the software. Not fair to me and anybody else it would happen to. I have noticed this on several occasions so something needs fixing. U might need a fixer tool! any I will still play the game because I and my wife love it. Thank u
    PS I am still fuming red hot mad

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