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Just 27 levels and the only thing stopping you from getting through all of them and beating the game is YOU! (Well, and …
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Just 27 levels and the only thing stopping you from getting through all of them and beating the game is YOU! (Well, and those pesky bubbles). Catch falling capsules (Avoid the Red X's!), collect the hidden fruits and veggies, control the Umphee, discover the secret of the pearl, enjoy 80 minutes of original music, fill the treasure chest (!!), master the bonus levels, get a high score, graffiti the sand and STAY ALIVE! Will you be one of those people that gives up after playing just once? Or will you become a MacBrickout expert? The only thing stopping you from finding out is, well... You. Some fun things to try: - Try juggling 3 balls long enough to earn a juggling achievement - See if you can blow up the Umphee with the bomb ball - Don't let any bubbles touch the sand for 3 levels in a row. You'll get a clean sand achievement. - Hit the Umphee with an orange ball. He will dig down in the sand and fetch you a coin. - Catch two clear capsules in a row to make the clam appear If you like MacBrickout, try these modest in-app purchases: 1) Unlock full version (This is a must-have! You get free balls, bomb balls, lasers, bonus levels, musical bricks, hidden fruits & veggies and much more) 2) Unlock all levels (faster than trying to unlock them one by one) 3) Super Umphee Ball 5-pack (great way to blast through a tough level) Follow on Twitter: @MacBrickout and @CarsonWhitsett Reviews: "MacBrickout is riddled with originality from the accompanying soundtrack to the level designs, but at the same time offers the familiarity of the classic game." - AppCraver 5/31/2012 (Rating: 9 out of 10) "If you think you’ve seen every variation there is of Breakout, you obviously haven’t broken into MacBrickout." - 4.5/5 stars - whatsOniPhone 7/2012 "I find MacBrickout delightfully retro and a pure pleasure to play" - The iPhone App Review (4.5 stars of 5) "The challenge may be tough but remember when the going gets tough the tough get MacBrickout!" - 6/2012 AppSafari rating: 4.5/5 Some of my favorite user reviews: "It's like when they remade Tron. Still the fun game you remember from the 80's but a 2011 look and feel. 5 stars!" -Compcaddy "Whacked out fun, pure and simply my favorite game of all. Even Angry Birds are mad about it..." - R Fields "MacBrickout is the single best Brekaout [sic] variant I've ever seen - involving not only reflexes but strategy and tactics as well." -green3q "I find the game terribly addicting and is ideal for someone stuck on the subway for 30 minutes everyday" - Saul S.
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Genre:Arcade, Family
Release:Jan 07, 2011
Updated:Jun 11, 2018
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