Lunarcy, an arcade puzzle orbit game. FREE Promotion Codes giveaway!

Discussion in 'Promo Codes and Contests' started by the FABRIK, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. the FABRIK

    the FABRIK Well-Known Member

    That is a well frazed review! Thank you PureSkill for your feedback! :)
  2. the FABRIK

    the FABRIK Well-Known Member

    Our pleasure!

    We're practically blushing! What a compliment! :) Thanks so much for your feedback MrPenguin! :cool:
  3. the FABRIK

    the FABRIK Well-Known Member

    We're working on Lunarcy 1.0.1 and Lunarcy 1.1 (with proposed ideas from the community) and of course Lunarcy LITE.

    Next to that we're building a classic puzzle game which we're becoming very addicted to ourselves (preview soon, here on touchArcade) and we're working on a classic "mode 7" type racer game.

    We believe that games should be challenging, polished and addictive. So, your feedback is definitely motivating us! We're pumped by all of your reaction! :)

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