Luna City Game Day in DC area, April 25

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    I wondered if any Touch Arcade readers in the northern Virginia / DC area are heading to the Game Day at Peter Hirschberg's Luna City Arcade? It takes place Saturday, April 25th from 11am-8pm.

    Peter is the author of Vector Tanks and the iPhone port of Atari Adventure.

    (It's about 65 miles west of DC, for reference.)

    I'll be there, and it would be great to meet up with anyone else able to make it.

    Thanks so much, Peter, for building the arcade and opening it up to the public (and for the charity work)!

    This, from Peter:

    - - - -


    This weekend I am having another Open House Game Day at my home arcade, Luna City.

    DATE & TIME:
    Sat, April 25
    11:00am to 8pm

    Luna City Arcade
    Central Virginia (Winchester area) - email Peter directly at for directions.

    Just like the last Game Day, this one is also a benefit event. This event will be a benefit for Col. Wesley Fox Young Marines (, a youth group to promote a drug free lifestyle. Donations will be accepted at the event *(and as always donations are completely optional)*. Fred Stoki, who will be running the operations for this Game Day, is a close friend of mine and he is in charge of the Young Marines in our area. Fred has been an _integral_ part of helping me keep Luna City up and running so I don't completely lose my mind. Without him I could not do public Game Days. I hope you will help support him and his benefit.

    Food will be available for a nominal fee. Made to order Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Pork BBQ sandwiches, chips & soda.

    I believe we are working on getting a Moon Bounce again for this event, as well as a couple port-a-potties (sorry about last time)

    All proceeds from the event go directly to the Non-Profit Col. Wesley Fox Young Marines.


    *As always, ALL the games are FREE to play for as long as you like. Adults and children of all ages are welcome. All I ask is that children treat the machines gently as they are old, and all part of my personal collection.

    **Please remember that Luna City Arcade is my residence.
    Also realize that by 8pm I am going to be completely exhausted, so please remember that the event ends at 8pm. You are totally welcome to come at 11am and stay until 8pm but at 8pm I shut off the all breakers and I go crash. :)
    I will also have console games (Atari 2600, maybe a Wii, etc) set up in the upstairs of the arcade for those who are looking for a slightly different diversion.

    I hope everyone is looking forward to it! It's probably going to be another huge event like last time! Please plan on coming out and having a great time, as well as helping out the Young Marines!
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    Cool! I wish I could go :(
    I'm in Indiana so its a no for me :(
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