Lull Aby: Dreamland adventure

Sergei Pluzhnikov
Lull Aby: dreamland adventure — a charming puzzle adventure with unique game mechanics, enchanting atmosphere and though…
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Lull Aby: dreamland adventure — a charming puzzle adventure with unique game mechanics, enchanting atmosphere and thoughtful plot related to a vital social issue. The story follows Aby, a girl, whose mother died while giving birth to her. Aby wanders through her subconscious mind in hope of freeing herself from the guilt that has absorbed her. The main aim of the game is to help Aby overcome depression and come out into the happier chapter of her life by navigating through the challenges in her subconscious mind. 2018 Indie Prize Finalist. Help Aby to build her path through her subconscious mind and overcome the challenges that lie ahead in this fascinating puzzle adventure. EASY TO LEARN, BUT HARD TO MASTER UNIQUE CORE MECHANICS. Can you build the path through obstacles and make Aby jump at the same time? Test your ability to focus and boost your cognitive skills while playing. DIVERSE CHALLENGES Each of Lull ABY's worlds introduces a new special platform to master and new challenges to overcome. Aby should overcome Icy, storm, cracked, teleport and many other platforms and special effects in order to free herself from the guilt. Only you can help her find the courage within and discover what caused this condition. IMPRESSIVE ATMOSPHERE The sound design and the various themes reflect(?) the emotional condition of the main character (anxiety, fear, joy, etc.). Alive hand-painted backgrounds with unique fantasy-like aesthetics create an immersive atmosphere. THOUGHTFUL PLOT The story is told by stylized comics and is easily perceived from the conversations between the characters. DEEP CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Aby faces her fears and overcomes her anxiety in a quest towards a stronger, happier and healthier life. You’ll meet friends and villains. Each of them acts as a projection into Aby's subconscious mind. BEAUTIFUL WORLDS A wide variety of enchanting worlds to explore, each of them represents a subconscious state of an anxious mind. Dark Forest — loneliness and lack of support Cave — safety of the mother's womb Sweetland — fake joy. The false feeling of support from the Owl. Feels like a birthday in the beginning. Town — awareness of the disease and desire to keep fighting against all odds. Chaos — return of the Self. The beginning of a new life. All great changes are preceded by chaos.
Seller:Sergei Pluzhnikov
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Jul 31, 2019
Updated:Jul 31, 2019
Size:316.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal