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    YSO Corp is newly created company created by 2 young brothers Lucas and Jean-Claude.

    • Lucas is working as CEO and technical director. He is the ‘oldest’ one (29 years old), and finished Epitech IT school about 2 years ago.
    • Jean-Claude is currently Epitech IT student, he contribute at YSO Corp as the project manager.
    They have hired a part time Epitech IT student Thomas, who is the Web Developer.
    They also use Kevin Design services when needed.

    Their aim is to create some new inovative games like their new born game Lucas Maker.

    Lucas Maker is an adventure game where you have two options playing with Lucas or become the game constructor.

    Links :

    Apple store : http://www.lucasmaker.com/links/appleStore/in:toucharcade
    Site : http://www.lucasmaker.com/links/webSite/in:toucharcade

    Play with Lucas!


    Lucas is not an Italian plumber like Mario, he is an Italian postman who is trying to deliver letters as quick as possible by escaping multiple dangers (dogs, sharps...) jumping on walls, shooting on balls, collecting coins…

    Become a Maker! Challenge yourself and your friends!


    With Lucas Maker you can create, built, design your own game maps by simply dragging and dropping on a blank map an unlimited combination of items chosen among 20 items (wall, tree, dog, Lucas, house, ball, coins, checkpoint...)
    You can create a simple map in few minutes or spend hours to create the most complex one.
    Once done you can publish it (all player can download it), share it with your friends and play to make the best time.

    Lucas Maker video : http://www.lucasmaker.com/links/appleStore/in:toucharcade

    You’re creativity has no limit, fun has no limit !

    • Who is the best postman?
    • Who is the best game constructor?
    • Who is the best postman and constructor?

    Try it, Enjoy it, and let your creativity goes!

    Have fun :)

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