Love Voucher Coupons with Real Working Barcode !

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    ## Love Voucher Coupons with Real Working Barcode !
    ## Facebook: It's a real fun. Use your camera to scan the love voucher you made and sent to your beloved. Forget buying printed love coupons - there are so many templates in this app - and it has its own real barcode! It has never been so easy to validate a love voucher...

    * Design your love voucher (coupon) with one of the many high quality templates
    * Each of your love voucher has its own unique barcode
    * Send the voucher to your beloved by Email, Facebook, Twitter or Print it out
    * Save the voucher to your camera roll then send it by Text Message
    * (Real fun) Use your camera to scan the barcode when someone come to redeem the voucher
    * Enjoy your time with the voucher, ah.. with your lover
    * Don't forget that You can select another template and edit expire date, sender's photo, sender's name, etc at anytime

    From the author of the popular BodySymbol app with even higher quality.
    Just download and try it - it's free!

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