iPhone Love puzzle games? Say What You See: Music Edition - Free app out now!

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    Do you love to find band names hidden cleverly in pictures?

    Our new game, Say What You See: Music Edition HD is out today, available FREE from the app store here: http://www.tinyurl.com/swysappMusicHD

    It's the sequel to the phenomenally popular Say What You See: The Collection HD, which had over 1m downloads last year, and was the #1 app in the app store for a time.

    It’s largely inspired by the classic British TV 80’s gameshow Catchphrase. “Just say what you see!” was host Roy Walker’s catchphrase, as contestants tried to unravel rebus picture puzzles that reflected popular catchphrases.

    Here's a classic (and hilarious) example of the show in action:

    Our app is also based around rebus puzzles, but here they’re band names woven into a large painting. Each painting has 50 band names hidden within, and the app has 5 paintings (i.e. 250 puzzles total).

    The paintings are themed around different musical genres (Musicals, Rock Bands, Pop Music, 80’s Music and 90’s Music), and they’re really fun to solve. Here's an example of one of the puzzles from Rock Bands:


    The app's free with 50 puzzles to get you started, so you've really got nothing to lose giving it a try!

    Let us know what you think below (or just tell us how much you laughed at that amazing video clip.


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