Universal Love Cubes in the Dark ( by Gripati )

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    Hi All,

    We are so excited to announce our new game, "Love Cubes in the Dark". It's my first game as a game developer. I had fun while developing this awesome game! It just released.

    It's free and available on AppStore.

    Love Cubes in the Dark is an addictive endless runner about endless love, hope and not giving up on each other with progressive, easy to use touch controls.

    Dark Forest is a dangerous place with filthy monsters who feed on the lights of other creatures. It certainly is not a place for two little "luminies", who lost their way while trying to meet with each other at night.

    They may have found each other, but now they can not find their way back to home! These two luminies will never leave each other, so you have to rescue them both!

    These woods may seem endless, but luminies will never give up on each other; and you shouldn’t give up on them too. Help these little creatures save their love. Escape from the darkness and creatures that want to harm them!


    - Reflex based, unforgiving gameplay.
    - Fresh game mechanics with practical touch controls.
    - Compete globally via Game Center leaderboards.
    - Dark, visually pleasing 3D graphics to bring their adventure to life.
    - Mysterious soundtracks & sound effects to complete the atmosphere!

    Don’t let their sparks go out. Help them now before it’s too late!


    Like Us : https://www.facebook.com/GripatiDigitalEntertainment
    Follow Us :https://twitter.com/gripati




    Trailer :


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