Lounge Arrange - upcoming puzzle/arcade game

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    Lounge Arrange is a logical puzzle game filled with action, beautiful retro styled graphics and relaxing jazzy soundtrack.
    Your goal is simple – You must rearrange furniture in your lounge room but watch out -your chairs are sliding on floor until they find something to stop them .. so You have to think fast and use other chairs to help you. Also your room is filled with many objects like cats, lava lamps, cocktails which can help you, or make your task harder, specially if you use too much cocktails ;)

    Features include:
    • Three unique game modes, from relaxing endless fun to mind-bending puzzles
    • Three difficulty levels, to suit all kinds of players
    • Dynamic level creation, offering a new puzzle each time you play
    • Highly polished retro inspired graphics and sound effects
    • Impressive and exclusively composed soundtrack
    • Unlockable game enhancement
    • Different objects to manipulate gameplay, guaranteeing many ways of finding solution
    • Online leaderboards and Achievements with Game Center
    • Automatic saving and Undo
    • Limitless gameplay -this game will keep you entertained for hours

    Questions and feedback is much appreciated :)

    Website: http://www.kosmodromstudio.com



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