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  1. Hi!

    We are looking for a sound artist to make sound effects for the game Blood & Honor. We need around 10 sound effects for: attack/explosions, reinforcements, sabotaged supplies, etc. And also a short theme song for the menu screens.

    You can send me a private message or write to jorgelorenzon [at] sandstorminteractive.com. Please include your previous work (link to a portfolio) and estimated price for the sound effects/theme song.

  2. Thanks to everyone that sent us an email. We are currently looking at all of the proposals and will get back when we have made our final decision.
  3. I'll recommend Mattias Holmgren from Morningdew Media.

    He did the sound effects for Charmed, and the music for Flight Deck.

    He is also doing both sound effects and music for my upcoming game, Unicorn Rush.

    He is absolutely excellent and very fast.

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    E-mailed, and sent you a couple of attachments...

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