Looking for some feedback for our cyberpunk themed endless runner...

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    Download Game Here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Spacepup.Cyberrunner

    Reposted from another forum but I figured there might be some crowd here who had friendly advice.

    Here's a game me and my friend have been working on and off in between projects for a while. It's finally near alpha and we'd like if you would try it out and let us know what you think.

    The game is completely free for download though disclaimer, it contains ads which we're also testing. The leaderboard works but you'll only see friends at the moment.

    We'd like to hear feedback especially on:

    Which obstacles did you feel were unfair for you as a player?
    Which obstacles did you feel were pointless / too easy?
    On a scale of 1[worst]-10[best] do you feel the difficulty is justified?
    On a scale of 1[worst]-10[best] how do you feel about the responsiveness of the controls?
    Disregarding the ads/social features, which three prominent aspects of the game should be improved?
    Would you rather the game be more casual or should it stay on being difficult and masocoreish?
    Did you find the ads annoying?
    If so, would you rather the ads appear in-game as opposed to a wall?

    Thanks a bunch! I'm stuck in a project right now but when I have the time, I'll check out your games and provide you some feedback too!

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