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    Hi all,

    As the title suggests - I'm looking for some beta testers. Not for a specific game, I'm in gamedev overdrive mode and will be releasing at least 3 more games this year. So I'd like some testers that I can rely on, so I don't have to go looking for testers for each game (and add their UDIDs, since I only have about 30 left ATM).

    Who am I, you ask? I'm an indie game dev. I released some games a while ago - only Pig Shot is really worth mentioning, the others did allright but feel a little dated now - but then I focussed on working for clients for a long time. Now I'm back, and have already released two games this week (ADAM and Binary Rush).

    Right after the weekend I should be releasing 1-Bit Hero, a retro-looking platformer. After that it's a game called Bye Bye Kitty - about a cat in an apocalyptic world - and the 3rd is still a secret :)

    For ADAM, Binary Rush and 1-Bit Hero, I did the graphics myself. For the others I'll be working with a talented artist. But who knows, there might be some other games down the road.

    Interested? Just PM me your E-mail address and I'll invite you on TF.
    Android testers are welcome too btw!

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