Looking for feedback on Guild of Saviors : Turn-based RPG

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    We would love to hear your FEEDBACK on our Game!

    Tell us about your experience while playing the game.
    Is there something we can improve or adjust so it´s more enjoyable?
    Just let us know below so we can improve the game with your help!

    ★ Welcome to the Guild of Saviors ★
    Guild of Saviors is a strategy RPG where you can build unique team with different play style. Create your strategy and get ready for battle!

    «Game Features»
    ★ RPG Battle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses
    ★ Strategic team building and turn-based combat
    ★ 100% user interactive game without auto play mode
    ★ Explore, Quest, Hunting, Boss, & Tower and Abyss modes!
    ★ Free with ads and in-app purchases
    ★ Portrait screen only, you can play this game with one hand
    ★ Content regularly updated. Look forward to new character, features, and event!
    ★ Download it if you're looking for unique battles.

    Google Play Link

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    Looks fun! That list of features ticks most of what I enjoy in smartphone RPGs.

    I only have an iPhone, though! Is an iOS version planned?
  3. Moji Games

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    Aug 4, 2021
    Currently no plans to launch an IOS version:)
    We will plan for IOS version if the Android version going stable;)

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