Looking for Equipment for my iPad Air 2 in EU

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    hey Guys

    I am using my iPad 2 for everything work and university related so I decided to upgrade as it is pretty slow and 16 gb do not cut it anymore.

    I will get an iPad Air 2 in the next few days with mobile internet.

    For the switch I need new stuff as well:

    1) keyboard

    This is the most important piece for now as I type a lot!

    The kb should be a separate Bluetooth one and not build into a case!

    Weight is not an issue but as I will have it in my bag for university and work it should not weight extra ordinaryly much. But 100-300 g more or less are no big deal.

    Most importantly is the feeling of typing on it. I have an anker Bluetooth one for 20€ which I used for a while now and the feeling of typing is just bad after all that time. It works ok but I really miss my desktops pc mechanical keyboard. Are there mechanical ones on the market atm with Bluetooth? Would be amazing.

    I do not want to give price ranges just jet as I am willing to pay more than average if it's really good.

    Up to this point I would prefer a brydge or clamcase but they are both not available in EU and 15€ Porto on top of like 120€ keyboard is just to much. But I prefer quality over saving a few bucks so just you know.

    2) case

    I am looking for a case that is light weighted and does provide a solid ground for my iPad to stand on (e.g. If I have it on my knees it should not bump around or falter if I type or play on it.

    Style is not that important as it is purely wanted for its functionality to protect the iPad.

    3) bag / hull

    I want a little bag for my iPad where I can store it (cloth bag or polyester etc) and carry it around. A lot of days of university I need nothing else but my iPad. But I do not want to carry it around in my case only because the case does not protect it from rain snow etc. it would be excellent if the bag had some kind of handle or something to carry it around on your body but not in your hands.

    4) else?

    As I am buying basically a lot of new stuff I wanted to ask you what else you can recommend for an iPad Air 2. Maybe you are using some not so known gadgets and can recommend them. :)

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions :))

    Please keep in mind that it should be available in eu (preferably Germany) and that I value quality higher than saving a few bucks.

    Also please excuse any language related mistakes, English is not my native tongue.

    Ps: any recommendations on university apps?

    I am using istudiezpro for schedule, mical for calendar, PDF expert for pdf files and office 365 for writing and all thatt stuff. Also evernotes for Notes and Dropbox for cloud Stuff.

    Finally am unrelated question: whats your preference youtube App? I am Unsinn youplayer and Jasmine but i am not really happy with einher one.

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