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    Looking for a talented and enthused game developer(s). The studio needs to be able to produce a polished game with attractive art and smooth functionality.

    *The games base functionality is similar to that of Robot Unicorn Attack (can play it on PC for free, its just a sprite running constantly running through a platform environment at increasing speed using jump,double jump, long jump and zoom forward) but with some big key differences).

    *There are no levels, its just a constant running side scroller.

    *Modern iOS game features (ie store, ability upgrades and in-game pickups) so all the jazz and icing and such.

    *Needs to feel smooth and rhythmic when played.

    I am willing to give a cut of revenue (due to wanting the studio to feel like it is their project too) as well as pay for the work doe however I can't afford someone to take on a 2-4 month project (if worked on 6 hours a day 5 days a week) and spread it out of 5-6 months because they were not working hard enough.

    I have been working on the idea for 2 months now and have a 90% complete design document and folio along with completed character concept, art and logo. A big thing I should note is I have a completed marketing strategy that is very strong. I'm good with marketing and have the enthusiasm and ability to get the game recognized. This isn't a zillion dollar Angry Birds project, this is a good game with a lot of heart that has a solid business plan behind it.

    If you can produce a polished game (Ski Safari, Tiny Wings) that has the same base functionality as Robot Unicorn Attack but with all the modern elements of popular iPhone games then post a reply, private message or email me with a rough quote.


    Thanks for reading!

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