Looking for decent Match 3 Hero Game

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    Oct 23, 2014

    I'm looking for a decent match 3 hero game.

    Could be f2p, but doesn't have to.

    The idea is to win PvE battles (PvP tend to be pay2win), accquire and improve your set of heros and get progressively more powerful by upgrading gear etc.

    Have been out of iOS gaming for 2 years and would love some good recommendations :)

    Thank you!
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    Feb 21, 2014
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    My favorites with heroes / m3 gameplay are Marvel Puzzle Quest and Gems of War.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest - For me this is the game I always come back to and the game I’m most familiar with out of the two. I find the character builds (once your able to obtain a full hero) some of the most interesting out of the superhero games available. The Punisher has a unique feel and strategy from Cyclops who plays differently than Squirrel Girl who plays much differently than Spider-Man...etc. Not to mention that different tiers of the same character at times can be entirely different. One star Storm is completely different than two star Storm although three star Storm is a buffed up version of the original one star Storm.

    Most other superhero games feel like certain fighting styles with your favorite superheroes skin transposed on top. For me the only other superhero game on par with giving the player genuinely unique heroes would be Sentinels Of The Multiverse which is a fantastic card game.

    I’m also not much into PvP and there has been plenty of solo content especially now in MPQs later years. If you join an Alliance then alliance content opens up for you which feels mostly solo.

    The game has been criticized for being too much in the free 2 play realm but I’ve only ever purchased the premium currency for roster slot expansion. Even then I could have saved up those hero points after one or two days of spirited play. Never felt like I hit a wall and was unable to enjoy the game playing free.

    The big negative of MPQ is that it's starting to look its age especially on the bigger iPad screen. Visuals are not as crisp as I would like them to be in 2019 and it’s portrait mode only. To be fair most match 3s are either portrait or landscape but the landscape mode of the PC version is really nice and I kinda wish D3 would have included that in a big update for mobile to give players both viewing options.

    Gems Of War - It’s cool.

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