looking for creepy game, can't remember name

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    Aug 2, 2012
    ok, so my ex-girlfriend had this game on her iphone. it was pretty creepy, and the only specifics about it I can remember is that it took place in some sort of lab or something, and I remember there was one point where she had to find a way to vent poisoned gas out of a room. I don't remember if it had a hidden object aspect to it or not, but it very well could have as it seemed to have the same feel about it as many of the hidden object games from big fish games have. you know, that creepy haunted "the dolls are watching you and want to rip your throat out through your back" kind of feel to it (even though I don't think there were actually any dolls in this one). anyway, I've been looking all over for it, have looked at and tried many different games (it doesn't seem to be any of the big fish games) in the hopes that it was the one, and I can't find it. I can't ask her what it was, because things ended pretty badly and now if she so much as gets a whiff of my presence she starts cussing me out and calling me names, and does nothing but that.

    so, any ideas? please help!
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    ... is the game that instantly popped into my mind when I saw 'creepy' and 'hidden object' in the same paragraph. The reference to big fish game threw me off though.Well... I thought I might as well post this just in case!
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    A creepy hidden object game! I owe you a favor for that recommendation since you just took the girl friend of my back for a couple of hours. ;-)

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