Looking for Beta Clients for LiveOps Platforms - 3X revenue boost

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How Do you promote your IAP?

  1. App Store

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  2. Banners on the login with x

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  3. Sales for all users

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  4. Seasonal

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  5. Playfab

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  1. Amir M

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    Nov 9, 2020
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    Hi There,

    My name is amir and i created an amazing platform that focus on LiveOps - Attrackt.

    Attrackt change the revenue game for app developers.

    We believe that your app should firstly promote your content and not your competition.
    But ... you might say only 3% buys IAP , ads provide some revenue for the rest 97%.

    Did you consider that if you make good ads money, there is a reason for this? maybe your user do spend money but not in the current app..

    How can you detect it ? - Follow CPM / Ecpc prices
    Do you push your IAP , or wait for them to click on the store icon? - Pop up on login
    Does your users understand your economy ? - track complex analytics
    Can they buy coins / subscription ?
    How do you show them IAP value ?

    Attrackt allows you , easy to implement IAP SDK , great support and the ability to share your value in a new way when ever you want to the right users.

    Over 7D retention users , will spend over 15M watching rewarded videos with content locking.. can you use those 15M to promote your content?

    Change the game :

    * Collect analytics - segment your user how ever you want or use our smooth AI.
    * Run amazing promotions with video creatives to the right users - Add impulse buying option directly from the video
    * Seasonal promotions with video instead of transparent banner.
    * Mediate ad providers attention time with your IAP / Subscription content.

    * A/B test different payouts / call to actions / creatives / text .. and find the right formula
    * Suited to all app verticals , no need to add game server / complex server side.

    First apps created 4X IAP revenue within 2 months and keep growing.

    We now open for beta users .

    Reply here if you are interested or mail to : [email protected]

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