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    Jul 30, 2012
    Hello all! I'm looking for a contract game programmer for a medium-sized project. If interested, send resume and links to completed projects, and I can provide details. Thanks!


    About Us
    We are a new startup company based in San Francisco. We're committed to making casual games that engage people of all ages. We currently develop 2D games for mobile platforms. Our founder was previously a key member of a successful social games startup that was acquired by EA PopCap, makers of Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. We maintain a culture that is respectful, casual, results-oriented, and fun. We wear many hats and we are looking to stay small and nimble.

    About the Job
    - Develop a complete game from start to finish based on documentation and direction
    - Build tools as needed to assist level design and graphics implementation
    - Identify issues and suggest improvements to the game
    - Recommend aproaches that can reduce development time or improve performance or quality

    About You
    - Take pride in your work
    - A passion for learning and improving your craft
    - Excited about building quality games
    - Proficient with Objective C
    - Demonstrated ability to accurately estimate work required and finish projects on time
    - Enthusiasm for solving challenging problems quickly
    - Enjoy iterating and collaborating to get the feel of an interaction right
    - Good communicator - comfortable chatting regularly and meeting in person as needed
    - Organized and can effectively track own tasks and bugs
    - Skilled at optimizing application performance for mobile devices
    - Refactors smartly, and takes pride in producing bug-free applications
    - Comfortable doing some server side coding as needed
    - Comfortable working in a contract capacity
    - You can take the lead and be responsible for all the software engineering on a medium-sized project

    About your Experience
    - You have shipped at least one app for iPhone or iPad and can describe your contribution
    - You have worked at least 3 years in software engineering
    - Experience with Facebook, OpenFeint and In-App Purchase integration preferred
    - Familiarity with game data security 'anti-cheat' methods preferred
    - Experience implementing mobile analytics preferred (Flurry, Apsalar, Google Mobile, etc.)
    - Should be familiar with various iterative software development methodologies

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