Universal Logic Traces for iOS - Relaunching This Week, August 3!

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  1. ingames.tv

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    Jan 14, 2015
    Game Development
    Hello, my name is Matias Ini from ingames.tv.
    We want to introduce Logic Traces, a puzzle game launching for FREE on iOS this Thursday, August 3.
    Logic Traces was released last year and was published by Kongregate.
    We have made many improvements to the game and this week we will be relaunching Logic Traces.

    LOGIC TRACES is a perfect mix of Sudoku and Flow. If you like solving ingenious puzzles then Logic Traces is for you.
    It is a fun and challenging logic puzzle game with a nice and minimalist interface with easy controls. It's easy enough at the beginning, but of course the larger boards create more complications. The premise is really simple, each puzzle consist of a blank grid where you will find some cells with colorful rhombs with a number inside.
    From each rhomb you can generate lines both horizontally and vertically dragging your finger, the number inside the rhomb tells you exactly how many cells with lines will be generated from the initial node but you have to find out exactly which are those cells. To do that you will have to take into account that each cell can have only one line belong to an initial node.
    You must deduce which cell corresponds to each node. Logic Traces starts out with a 4x4 grid to finish with a complex 11x11 grid, each pack consist of 30 levels.

    LogicTraces_1.png LogicTraces_2.png LogicTraces_3.png LogicTraces_4.png

    This new version contains 60 new levels, an initial pack for beginners and a pack with advanced levels.
    We have also made a significant improvement in terms of interface for selection of levels and purchase of level packs, we've redesigned the entire interface clearly marking the progress of the game and simplified the purchases, which previously was perhaps not quite clear.
    We have also improved tutorials.

    - Over 400 puzzles
    - Puzzles from 4x4 to 11x11
    - Minimalist interface
    - Game Center (Leaderboards & Achievements)
    - Easy controls
    - Hints to use when you get stuck
    - Hours of intellectual challenge and fun.
    - Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills
    - Unlimited Undo
    - Save and Restore feature
    - Support for Tablet

    Your amazing support and positive feedback is always much appreciated. Have fun!
    Matias Ini
  2. Misguided

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    Jan 27, 2009
    I don't remember seeing this when it was out before, but it looks like a great take on the PathPix formula.

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