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    Have you ever wanted to ask questions to folks in the same general area as you?

    Well now you can, find answers to yours questions quickly and easily by asking other folks in the nearest zipcode.

    users of the application will be alerted to your questions via a push notification.

    * Push Notifications when questions are asked in your area!
    * Manually change your zipcode (as often as you like) or use GPS to detect it automagically
    * Search by question title
    * Quick updating
    * Set your name to whatever you like
    * ZERO REGISTRATION REQUIRED just install and use

    Note: Requires internet access and GPS is required for Zipcode Auto-detection but NOT required for manual zipcode entry.

    There a lot of features I'd like to add to this but I'm not 100% positive others find a tool like this as useful as I do so if you like the concept and want to see it go further let me know.

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    Oh also I've made a facebook group for the application, if you'd like to join you should.. it may make for more people asking and answering questions!

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