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    I've been playing many more speed-runners lately. Unfortunately, I was late to the party having missed the best in Hook Champ and Super Quick Hook. I played them at release, but only lately have I been competitive with speed-runners.

    So my question to you is: what is your favorite speed running Platformer? I'll try to keep this list updated daily, just let me know what I've missed: (Clicking on the links will take you to the forum page)

    Mos Speedrun
    Hook Champ
    Super Quickhook
    Commander Pixman
    League of Evil
    League of Evil 2 -- Level Leaderboards

    Mikey Shorts
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    You should probably explicitly define the genre for the purpose of your list. Do you want any platformers that have a speed of level completion component/reward, small levels designed specifically for speed runs, or what exactly? Anyway, however you slice it, you need some OP on your list, Stardash and Meganoid at least, maybe INC and even Chrono & Cash depending on how you want to delineate the genre.

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