iPad List of Flick Fishing fish/locations.

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    Flick Fishing 1.2 is live and it adds new fish and a new location. I'm making a list of all of the fish and their locations.

    Catfish- Old Pond
    Roach- Old Pond
    Rainbow Trout- Lake Shiny
    Largemouth Bass- Lake Shiny
    Pike- By the River
    Carp- Lake Shiny/By the river
    Dogfish- Breakwater
    Sea Bass- Blue Deeps/Waves of Doom
    Mullet- Breakwater
    Flounder- Blue Deeps
    Plaice- Blue Deeps
    Red Snapper- Breakwater
    Sailfish- Blue Deeps
    Blue Marlin- Blue Deeps
    Yellowfin Tuna- Blue Deeps
    Bonito- Waves of Doom
    Swordfish- Waves of Doom
    Wahoo- Waves of Doom

    If you can add favorite bait, that would also be appreciated.

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