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    What games get your vote for novel gameplay ?

    While there are all too many ports and virtual controller games on iOS, there are also tons of innovative games that could not have existed on any other platform, at any other time.

    The first one I can think of is "cut the rope".

    It's proposition is simple and intuitive: cut the rope

    With that alone, they've managed to make me hold the phone in new ways; and required me to coordinate my slices and fingers in a surprising and playful way.

    At it's best my fingers dance on the screen to complete a level (corny I know but's it s the best analogy I could find).

    Now, it does have a weak side -- "blow" tool & the "rope reel" are not very usable; the iOS touch screen just isn't mean't for button mashing or the small repetitive circular action needed for the reel -- but that shouldn't disqualify it altogether.

    So, what game gets your vote for novel gameplay ?
    . What's the core gameplay?
    . Why does it rock?

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