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    May 4, 2015
    Let us please introduce you a newly developed game allowing you to learn foreign languages better than ever!

    Every day we meet more than a million different words that you know perfectly well, but there are many words that you've never seen before. Some of them can be made up of ordinary characters, the other ones can resemble the little pictures so that you need to spend a long time to draw it. And it would be very interesting to know such a kind of language!

    For example, by analising the signs on the foreigner's backpack, you can find out his or her nationality! Or you can even become an expert:
    - Hey, let's go to this Chinese restaurant?
    - It's a Japanese one ....

    So what can we need if we already are successful experts of Japanese restaurants? We want to draw your attention and we want you to become as successful in the domain of Japanese restaurants as we are! Yes, you, that will be great if you just look what it is!

    You can send us your opinion about our project on [email protected].

    Thank you for reading this article! Have a nice day!



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