Android Lingo - word game. Guess the 5 letter word.

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    Jan 13, 2017
    Hello everyone. Check my first word game. I need your comment about it.

    This is a classic word game for the whole family. The objective of the game is to correctly guess the 5 letter word in 5 attempts or less.

    The game chooses a random 5 letter word from the dictionary. That letter is displayed on the game board. The player guesses a 5 letter word that begins with the given letter. The player has 5 attempts to guess the Lingo word correctly.

    Each letter of the entered word is highlighted on screen in a specific color.

    The game board will change colors to provide you clues about what the word could be. The meaning of the colors is as follows:
    - Red: You have guessed the correct letter in the correct position
    - Yellow: You have guessed the correct letter, but in the wrong position
    - Blue/Default: The letter you guessed is not part of the secret word

    You can play in English, Dutch, Russian and Turkish.
    You can change the language of the game at any time by pressing the language button from the settings menu.

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