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    lil’ Sherman is a mobile game being developed by Floppy Entertainment for Android and iOS. In the game, one plays as a WWII tank that must protect the incoming Convoy of Supplies as they make their way to the Command Center. lil’ Sherman will have to battle his way through wave after wave of powerful and unique foes, outfit himself with specialized equipment to complete missions and use credits from saved convoys to purchase upgrades in the garage. This game is being developed with a Cartoon Feel which makes it enjoyable for all ages and has a massive weapon and vehicle upgrade system for the diehard gamers. We are developing lil’ Sherman with the Unity 3D game engine, allowing us to push the boundaries of what’s possible for a mobile game.
    • Eye popping visuals
    • Epic soundtrack
    • Insane upgrades
    • Strategic game play
    • Excitement for all ages

    Tentative release end August.
    Please give us a look and like on Facebook.

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