iPad Lightning Fighter 2 (by Uwan Studio)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by strivemind, Jul 31, 2013.

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    This came out of nowhere, first one was great, instant buy for me!
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    Yes, great! I don't exert energy to try to get you all to implement. Check the hdmi thread for alot of icade info like the buyers guide etc, just go to my title and both the hdmi and icade threads will pop up.

    If you need any help or testing, let me know, take care.

    Yes, great! I don't have to exert energy to try to get you all to implement. Check the hdmi thread for alot of icade info like the buyers guide etc, just go to my title and both the hdmi and icade threads will pop up.

    If you need any help or testing, let me know, take care.
  3. Bought HD version, downloading now, will let you all now, take one for the team! Hehe since ep bought the wrong version, I almost did too with the link, maybe the info on sd and hd should always be on top hehe.
  4. I dunno, maybe I was expecting a little to much, but the framerates are not too good on my ipad 3. Also, I kinda don't really like the coin thing, and the top ships just seem way overpriced.

    The controls are loose in the ipad version too, they feel like zoomed iphone controls, so the ship doesn't stay at the tip of my finger, but rather orbits it in an oval matter.

    It's alright, but I was kinda expecting great.
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    May 27, 2013
    Thank you for your reply, Connector. :)

    We'll try to fix the control and bring iCade support soon in the update, and hopefully framerates.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the coin thing. Tbh(too honest!) I personally don't totally agree with it either(especially, why freekin COINS). But as I posted earlier in other subforum, there's a reason why I say "Okay ::sadface::".

    Here's the thing I posted that matters to the question:

    "The goals/rewards. Its not really that fun if we just throw in a bunch of fighters for you to choose with a fix set of equipment. Instead, I want to make the player to manage how much resource I want to throw into the equipment, and to know you're using resource when using them, not just free boom boom every game. And the same resource is shared to gain stronger fighters in the game, so you do have to manage them: boom boom all the way or save for better. While real shmup fans may aim for the scores(challenge), a lot of players seek more solid, strength-rewarding goals, and that are the stronger fighters. Some fighters are cheap, a few runs in low ranks and you get them, some are long term goals. One of the reason for stronger fighters is also for the less experienced players to get something by practicing the game, and get something to help them to win the game easier. The other thing is rewards. I want to make the player gain something solid everytime he/she plays the game, win or lose. Even you if you fail to get higher score or challenge the stage, hey, you still got something, and you still one step closer to the ultimate fighter."

    I know the design, unlike traditional shmup, might be a little frustrating for score hunters,which most of the time are the most manic players of shmup. The design wasn't meant to be rushing to get all the contents and use the best to hunt the scores, but for score hunters, they have to. However, if every fighter is cheap, the coins will be rendered useless pretty soon since equipments are cheap, and for those who don't seek scores there will be no other goals, and which means, no gains either.

    It's a tough compromise. :(
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    Exactly my thoughts on this game.
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    Yeah, the coins make it feel like an endless runner kinda, you must have brought that over to my favorite genre shmups, hehe! :)


    Thanks for the response. I don't mind a rewards like system to earn ships, but I hate endless runners where the top boats cost $100 or stuff like that. It just brings bad feelings and seems to try to take advantage of little kids and their naive parents who give their kids their itunes password.

    It's not really the idea, it's the balance, the cost.

    That's partly why I don't really care for endless runners, cause it is just a headache and it becomes pay to win, in a way.

    I would prefer to have it like you used to and Phoenix HD did where you buy a extra ships for a buck. A fairly kind coin model might be ok, but one of top ships causing so much, just kinda ruin it.

    Maybe something like this would be cool, I paid $3 for the hd game, either $2 for all extra ships or $1 each extra ship.

    I saw comments above saying buying all ships would be $50, while I don't know if it were true, but it really made me wonder. And now I know why. I would recommend changing the inapp structure to what I said above, but it's up to you. I like EP am just tired of these inapp structures. Maybe they work, I dunno, but I would rather not have it in any shmup, I was hoping it would stay in EP's genre, endless runners.

    Another thing that I haven't mentioned to is there is no difficulty levels like your old game. There kinda are, but looks like you have to play through to the harder levels. I don't like this. I always play on the hardest settings, I played through three levels and I am bored cause the game is so slow and easy. Probably the upper levels are hard, but I would like it hard from the start.

    If you can make difficulty settings from the start it would be nice. Or maybe we can skip the lower levels. Guess you can play through it, but between this issue an the coins, the game feels like grinding to me.

    I don't want to grind in a shmup, I want to have fun.

    Please consider my remarks, will play further to grind to a difficulty level that I like, but it's a little disappointing.

    Will play more though and see how the inapp and difficulty thing go. Sorry for these frank thoughts.
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    Sep 7, 2012
    I'll be frank too: It's just SO sad that many of the greatest developers have been eaten alive by their thirst for money, scattering unfair in-app prices everywhere.
    Sorry, but this is a perfect example in which marketing strategies take away all the magic to an otherwise very good game.
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    I have the same bitter after-taste. I just feel the love for the business model, and not the love for us, the players.
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    May 27, 2013
    Hi guys,

    We are working on iCade support right now and we need your advice.


    This is our default setting so far. 1X and 2X are the speed in game.(1x is slower pace so it might be easier to dodge bullet) Any change or additional functions you think appropriate for this?

    Btw, we're fixing the score system and another "squad mode" is coming next update. Oh, also new additional levels coming soon(I'm glad the studio decided to keep this free).
  11. This button config does not really make sense. Most games on the icade original and core all use the inner buttons. The 8 bitty does it opposite, but I would not recommend this current layout if I am reading this right.
  12. strivemind

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    Would love to see the iCade 8-Bitty supported as well as the original, since it's so convenient.
  13. I would propose a compromise button layout, this one seems to overly favor the bitty, probably the dev has one, but the vast majority of icaders out there have either the core or original. Plus the 8 bitty is not really an official ion controller anyway.

    But I hear you, I think a compromise is in order, and some of the buttons need to be mirrored with another button.

    Many games use the different buttons for the same functions, no reason why this one can't.
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    Suggestion: solution is simple: let the player config the button layout by him/herself.
  15. nazokuma

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    May 27, 2013
    Well you surely can replace the default with your own button layout tho.

    just tap on the button till the function you want pops. :)
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    May 28, 2010
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    Why am I not earning credits, even at the end of stages-

    Wait- You have to connect to the Internet to log in to Game Center or else you can only pick Guest, which can not earn credits. Argh! Another game with an unnecessary Internet requirement! Fix it! :(

    So I logged in, turned off the Internet connection, beat a stage, went to the menu, closed the game, connected and logged in again, and the game does not remember how many credits I got.
    If you're in a dead zone or an inconsistent connection zone, the game is useless.
    Rage quit. :/
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    Apr 9, 2011
    Loved the first one, but Pocketgamer said its nigh impossible to unlock the other ships without grinding a ton and that the unlockables in this game cost abou 30 USD with the 60% off promotion.

    So I'll pass because the dev is too greedy according to the review.
  19. Intendro

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    Aug 6, 2013
    Fixed some bugs?
    Working without an Internet connection was a bug, apparently.
    I can't believe this update. I can not believe it.
    The game went from "no earning money without Internet" to "completely not functioning."

    Just make the game function without an Internet connection, and make it possible to earn money without an Internet connection.

    Internet requirement in a single player game is completely illogical and absolutely inconvenient and annoying.

    I can't play a game like this. Removing an obvious logical feature that has always existed in games? I'm not playing online multiplayer, not choosing to submit a high score, not buying anything from an online store... No Internet is needed. Yet it is, for the sole purpose of removing convenience, and thus removing fun!
    Why would someone buy such a game, that the developers are removing fun from? So, why does this nonsense still exist?!

    This update has removed my ability to play the game at all without an Internet connection.
    I am rightfully ticked off.
    FIX IT.
  20. nazokuma

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    May 27, 2013
    Well, the offline mode is still suppose to work after the update. I actually did use the offline mode during a demo yesterday. Maybe you can write to us and describe what happened and we could help you fix it?

    For the future updates, the login design is going to be removed in the next update too. We are looking for an alternative way to update and preserve player progress without having to log in the game every time you want to play. I personally don't like the login system from the beginning, but i sadly couldn't persuade the big guys in the studio until you, the players say that you don't like it and they would listen to your response. So, it will be..heh..FIXED.

    Also we are going to make the price of high-end fighters lower. Sometimes I feel the price actually hurt us more than help us. With a daily reward in this update it should be easier to achieve, and there will be more fighters (still cost credit, sadly) and more levels(won't cost you anything) to come.

    We also have daily reward in this update and iCade support in this patch. How do you think of it?

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