Out Now Lifeslide (by Block Zero Games)

Discussion in 'Apple Arcade' started by Boardumb, Sep 17, 2019.

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    It's a beautiful and promising game. One of those addictive action games with permanent upgrades. But I'm confused about several issues:

    -How do powerups work? I collect a heart powerup, and it seems like I should be able to tap to use it, but it always just disappears after a few seconds.
    -It seems like I restart the whole chapter after crashing, even though I have lives left. If that's so, what's the point of having multiple lives?
    -Has anyone managed to survive Infancy? I keep reaching a hill where no matter what I do, I run out of speed.
  3. jsenter

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    Jul 29, 2015
    Answered my own questions.
    -With touch controls, powerups only work if the Pause button is pressed.
    -The three lives are replenished upon reaching a checkpoint, and there are three checkpoints per chapter.
    -It's possible to maintain speed by coasting downward, then quickly rising again.
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    "This is the story of life. Lifeslide is a seamless, continuous adventure through all stages of life."

    Oh god. Oh god. I didn't read those words before I came here. I went into this game cold, not reading the AA description or checking out the screenshots. "Ima play everything in AA!", I says, "So much is good, whoOOOo!" I opine. The first grumbly was the default tilt controls. Thankfully, that's changeable in the settings. The second grumbly was that it was first person paper airplane which I swear I've played before and didn't like (AIR WINGS?). The third grumbly was the "tutorial" (Birth) which now makes a whole lot more sense with the AA game description but, at the time, just left me staring at the screen, not touching it, as my airplane floated through the Cave of Varicose Veins. And then the ground started turning green and oh, oh, there's a plant there, and oh, what's th... is that a hill? And then I crashed. And then I punched back to the desktop as quick as possible.

    Oh, I'll give it another try, I promise. I make snap judgements just like everyone else, but I don't do snap deletions. But, man, reading "This is the story of life." and "Each level, with its symbolic environment represents a segment from the human life and is open to interpretation by the player." and... man. This is everything I hate about certain corners of the indie gaming environment. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, like LIFESLIDE (and the cutscenes of WHERE CARDS FALL), it fails horribly.

    Man. For all the heights of JENNY LECLUE, the depths of LIFESLIDE are just as powerful.
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    I totally feel you. There are some great indie game narratives with real emotional depth... but most of the stuff recently is trying WAY to hard. It’s kind of embarrassing.

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